Remote Collaboration

Remote collaboration brings the site to the experts

From across the street to across the world, Ada’s remote collaboration brings the team together.

To keep everyone safe, we can bring the demo to you—remotely.

How it works

The Ada Platform facilitates the coordination of remote, virtual, technical project reviews using holographic visualization on either iOS or HoloLens devices. Participants view a common digital twin of the project site, highlight areas of interest with placed pins and verbally communicate via the viewing hardware. Accomplish your project review sessions safely and on schedule without compromising the outcome. The added bonus is the savings in travel time and costs.

Multiple people can view and collaborate on the same 3D data while in different locations.


Participants need only launch the app (either on the HoloLens or iOS device), authenticate with their credentials and tap to join the session that was set up by the host of the presentation.


Ada uses the Microsoft Azure Cloud to ensure that you and your client’s data remains secure at all times. It can also be appropriately geolocated depending on regulations. This gives you convenience of access anywhere.


Ada provides a clear, high resolution representation of your 3D data. Plus, it provides views and perspectives that may have been missed when viewing via a 2D screen. It’s the perfect way to collaborate on a project.


Communicate with other team members or stakeholders directly through the app. Spatial audio (on the HoloLens) makes it feel like the other participants are in the room with you–even if they are far away.

See the avatars of your colleagues in the scene, while you speak with them through the system.

My first experience, with 4 other expert panel members, allowed us to see and discuss specific features or details shown on the model that could not have happened otherwise. During the post-COVID shelter-in-place order, I was equally impressed with the ability to engage with colleagues that were equipped with the same model and HoloLens apparatus, just as effectively as when we were meeting in person. A very effective tool indeed!

Kenneth A. Johnson, PhD, CEG, PE, WSP, USA

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