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Clirio Technologies introduces The Ada Platform

Ada enables the visualization of data from various sources into a 3D environment where it can be explored. Holographic models can be animated to show changes in the terrain and environment over time and be presented up to 1:1 scale to immerse the user in a project from practically anywhere in the world.

Ada is a cloud-based tool that allows for simple drag-and-drop of your 3D data for the automated creation of holographic scenes. These scenes can be linked together to create presentations covering a variety of tabletop, photogrammetry, CAD and subsurface views of a project.

Our software provides industry-leading clarity and fidelity of your project details.

Drag and drop your data into the Ada Cloud to automatically generate holographic presentations viewable from anywhere with a HoloLens headset or iOS device.

XYZ + Time

View engineering plans as a 3D model from any angle and at any point in time. Clearly communicate the effects of design decisions at each stage of the active life of a project, and beyond.


Visualize material consolidation and fluid simulations in 3D. Give stakeholders a better understanding of how man-made geology influences landscape and groundwater conditions.  Allow experts a new way to interact with data.

Digital Twins

Improve stakeholder understanding of the future by immersing them in a virtual tour of the site. Offer a more natural point of view to understand design decisions before moving tons of earth.

Ready Now

Translate datasets into immersive landscapes and 3D visualization presentations with minimal editing or setup.
Allow multiple users to view 3D visualizations together, from around the world.

Ada Advantages

Speed of processing

Data driven workflow for table top, boring and instrumentation information; leveraging the speed of Microsoft’s Azure Cloud

Clarity and fidelity of the data

Custom viewer optimized to render data at 60 fps; asynchronous loading that keeps scenes loading in memory for smooth presentations

Stability of data reproduction

Spatial anchors; geo-referenced data for accurate reproduction of site features/locations


Azure Active Directory login and iris scanning; client data is secure from others


Intuitive user experience; local and remote collaboration with avatars, spatial audio, ability to see where others are looking, and where they are pointing on the model; cross platform support (iOS)

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality (AR) allows people to interact with and control their experience, which facilitates the generation of a deeper understanding of 3D environments and their changes over time. Holographic visualization enables clearer communication throughout the length of the project, for participants of all backgrounds.

Clirio is a member of the Microsoft Mixed Reality Partnership Program (MRPP). The MRPP is reserved for organizations with proven in-house skills that have successfully developed high quality augmented reality projects for clients.

Ada also works with iOS Tablets and Phones.

With Ada Cloud, you can upload your holograms to either a HoloLens or iOS device. No other hardware needed.

HoloLens has added value in the Risk Assessment process itself, where it informed the experts of the terrain and underlying spatial information.

Jaime Matteoli, Transportation Engineer, California Department of Transportation (CalTrans).

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