Holographic visualization for geomatics and engineering data

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Ada Platform, all your data together

The Ada Platform combines geology, geo-civil and mining engineering data, geomatics, survey and GIS data, geotechnical designs, simulations and CAD, and real-time computer graphics into a mixed-reality environment. Technical experts and other stakeholders can interact in this virtual environment from any angle, at any point in time–past, present or future.
See what was missed in two-dimensional views.

  • Smoother public & community engagement
  • Clearer executive, investor & regulator communication
  • Streamlined project reviews
  • Compelling team orientation, onboarding or training


Holographic projections allow a natural way for users to interact with 3D data and its changes over time. Ada can show survey data, CAD designs, and numerical simulations with industry-leading clarity and at high resolution.


Above ground and subsurface data can be layered together, revealing connections that turn data into knowledge.
Data can be intermixed models of geographical forces for clearer understanding and better-informed feedback.


Move seamlessly from regional perspectives, to site overviews, to standing at the site in real-life scale. Users can experience the data from any angle, switching between scenes and controlling the timeline of visualizations.


Create powerful, collaborative environments where multiple users can see and interact with each other and the holograms. Users from around the world can work together, building common understanding for a shared project vision.

When our design engineers put [the headsets] on, they went off into a corner and we lost them for 15 or 20 minutes. They were actually talking with each other about design, which is fantastic as they were seeing things they can’t see themselves on plans and drawings on the desk. I certainly feel this kind of technology has a role to play, not only in stakeholder engagement, but in design in and of itself.

Chris MacInnis, P.Eng. Crown and Indigenous Affairs and Northern Relations Canada.

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